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As far back as the year 2009/2010, the Jama’atu Izalatil Bid’ah Wa’Ikamatis Sunnah (JIBWIS) in keeping to the Sunnah of prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu alaihi wasallam) began to establish committees in some states to cater for the need of orphaned children during Ramadan and Eid celebrations. This was extended In the year 2014. In order to have a more coordinated and focused national intervention for the care of orphans by the organisation, and to build on the successes of the programme across the states, the JIBWIS National headquarters, led by Sheikh Abdullahi Bala Lau, who was one of the main drivers of the programme across the states took the decision to establish a National Orphans Care Committee in the year 2014 to coordinate and streamline all activities of the various orphan care committees. The National Committee was headquartered in Kaduna State. By mid-2015, after various meetings with the state committees and taking into consideration recommendations by the state committee members, and on approval of the JIBWIS National headquarters, the state committees where all renamed to “JIBWIS Orphans and Disadvantaged Persons Care Committee”, while the National Committee was also renamed to “JIBWIS National Orphans and Disadvantaged Persons Care Committee”. This was done to harmonise the activities of the state committees and to incorporate assistance to the disabled and displaced persons due to the impact of the insurgency on the Muslim ummah, as an additional necessary intervention by the committees which was at the time already being done by some states. ACTIVITIES To achieve the objectives of establishing the committee, the following operational guideline was approved for all state committees to adopt in their activities: 1. The age limits for male orphans be 15 years and 13years for the females. 2. The period of Ramadan be used nationally for the registration of new beneficiaries and screening of existing beneficiaries. However, consideration was given to some states where there is an already existing periodic registration outside the Ramadan period but such states must also use the Ramadan period and all other beneficiaries outside the said period must be harmonized during the Ramadan period. 3. An approved and unified format for registration forms be adopted by all states for registration of beneficiaries. 4. The guardians of orphans be given consideration as disadvantaged where necessary. Others to be considered as disadvantaged are those affected by disaster, internally displaced persons and the aged. The selection of the disadvantaged must be selective and must be given a lesser consideration compared to the orphans. 5. As a matter of future planning and ease of implementation, state branches should have sub-committees to include: Educational sub-committee, Shelter and housing sub-committee, Clothing and feeding sub-committee, Planning, research and statistics sub-committee, health sub-committee, trade and investment sub-committee and legal sub-committee. 6. All states should dedicate a Friday either monthly or quarterly for collection of donations to the state orphans and disadvantaged persons care committee. 7. Each state must create and maintain a database of all beneficiaries of the program. 8. All states must co-opt a computer literate person as a member of the committee to create and maintain the database. The Bank account details are: Account Name: JIBWIS National Orphans and Disadvantaged Persons Care Committee. Jaiz Bank Account No: 0001598418 Stanbic IBTC Bank Account No: 0015190012. OFFICE ADDRESS (Temporary): Manara Headquarters, 18A Nagoggo Street, Unguwar Sarki Kaduna State. Nigeria. Contact: Chairman, Amb. Abdullahi Garba Aminchi – 08037741778 Secretary, Alh. Usman Ibrahim - 08037738085.

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The team is headed by Malam Ibrahim Baba Suleiman (an expert New Media journalist and global media professional) as National Director with coordinators from across state and local chapters of the organization in the country. All JIBWIS Social Media handles are maintained and monitored through this agency for effective, focused social media presence.

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